About us

The Petrol Bunkering Group was established in Switzerland in 1983 by Rob Morelis, an experienced bunker broker from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Mr Morelis has built up the company to be a well respected and trusted partner for ship owners and charterers from around the world.

In 2012, an office was established in Groningen, The Netherlands, by Ed Freese and Evert Elema. Mr Freese has over 20 years experience working for a barging company and a physical bunker supplier. Before starting the Petrol Bunkering office, Mr Freese has headed the bunker department of a bunker trading company for many years, focussing on long term contract negotiation and risk management. Mr Elema started his career in the bunker industry in 2000, at a bunker trading company. For many years he has served large shipping companies with their world wide requirements, specializing in deliveries in uncommon and difficult areas. Also with the dutch office since its establishment, is Johan Bolhuis, an enthusiastic bunker trader with sales experience in many different areas.

In February 2017, the group has started a restructuring process with the opening of an office in Curaçao. As Mr Morelis has decided it was time to think about retirement, a co-operation was established with the Group’s largest customer. This entity has been named “PBT International NV”, and will in time replace the Swiss office as being the principal company, i.e. the entity for which account business is conducted.