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Welcome to the PBT Group, your trusted partner for all your bunkering requirements worldwide. We believe purchasing bunker fuels is more than retrieving the lowest price in the market. Through our extensive knowledge of both the shipping industry and the bunker market, we believe we can supply you with the best possible service.

Part of this service is our interactive price information page, which allows you to have a quick overview of the present market levels in all important bunkering hubs in the world.

With 2 offices located in The Netherlands and Curaçao, we are available 365 days to advise you on your bunkering requirements. Please visit the contact page for phone- and email details.


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  • IMO sets global sulphur cap for 2020
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  • 180 CST fuel market shrinks on regulation, market economics
  • Emission Control Areas (ECA’s) implemented in Yangtze River Delta, China
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